I think it is better to study with a teacher.

I think it is better to study with a teacher. I can’t imagine my life without a teacher because they teach and direct us to the right way. I believe that teachers must love their career in order to assist and provide a warm environment to the students. In my opinion teachers are the second mothers for the students because students spend a lot of time with their teachers. I believe a real teacher becomes through many years of training and experiences in the field. The same way, mothers are not born being great mothers but as their experiences with their kids they become experts on the field. We know that mothers look the best for their kids and one of their goals is to raise their kids so they can become professionals and pioneers for the society. I have not found a teacher who is an expert the first day of their profession. I believe that is urgent for everyone who is a teacher or is planning to become one to get prepare in the field the best they can. All teachers who get prepare will know how to set up rules in the classroom. Those kinds of teachers will probably have less problems in their classroom because they will be able to control the classroom. There are all types of teachers some are better than others. Through my life I had some teachers who were well prepared. I had some teachers who just came into the class and stared teaching. They did not get involve with the students. Those teachers did not showed any concern about what the students were feeling. One way for a teacher to get students involve in the classroom is to ask them questions. I remembered there were some students at the class that were shy including me who did not have the chance to get involve in the class or to participate. Therefore, I believe the way students act depends on the teacher’s attitude. That is why I strongly recommend all teachers to invite the student to participate in the class. It is very important that teachers encourage students because students will benefit from it. As for me, I like all the teachers of our University.




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