Достанова Гульнар Сагинбаевна
заместитель директора по учебно-воспитательной работе,
учитель английского языка,
г.Нур-Султан, КГУ «Средняя школа №20»,
педсгогический стаж 29 лет,

Открытый урок по английскому языку.
Тема “Кино” (11 класс)
Цели урока: систематизировать знания учащихся по теме “Кино” ; совершенсвовать знания, умения, навыки учащихся в области устной речи, чтения и аудирования по данной теме.
Задачи урока:
— практический аспект- совершенствование умений практического владения учащимися английским языком по теме «Кино» ( Cinema );
— образовательный аспект- расширение кругозора учащихся, развитие умений совершенствовать учебную деятельность в монологической и диалогической речи.
— социокультурный аспект- расширение объёма знаний учащихся об особенностях киноиндустрии;
-развивающий аспект — способность анализировать, сравнивать, сопоставлять полученые знания, осуществлять репродуктивные и продуктивные речевые действия;
-воспитательный аспект- стимулирование учащихся к самостоятельной работе, развитие умений работать в коллективе и принимать совместные решения, формирование уважения к культуре других народов.
Используются на уроке следующие виды работ:
-монологическое высказывание
-отаботка диалогической речи
-выполнение теста.
Оснащение урока: фотографии знаменитых американских и английских кинозвезд, статуэтка Оскара, фрагмент фильма Титаник, рекламные проспекты фильмов разных жанров.
Ход урока.
1.Организационный момент.
T: Good morning! I’m glad to see you. Today’s lesson is dedication to films which are very popular in the world. The theme of our lesson is “the magic world of cinema”.
I hope our lesson will be information and exciting. Let’s begin.
We have already learned more information about cinema. Today you’ll have a chance to show your knowledge in reading, speaking, discussion in different tasks and writing test.To begin with, I’ d like you to answer the questions?
1)What is cinema? 2) Is it just a king of entertainment or is it all of life with its happiness and tragedy, passions and hated?
P: Cinematography changed the life of people. Just like life, movies are like ”magic crystals”-mysterious and many-sided. A good film delights and charms us.
2.Warm-up Activities. Analyzing Movies.
Устная разминка для всей группы
T: To make our work easier, let’s name a movie.

… that is a sci-fi.

… that is a horror.
… that is an action movie.

… that is a romantic comedy.

… with Brad Pitt in it.

… that stars Julia Roberts.

… starring Sean Connery.

… that takes place in space.

… that takes place during WWII.

… about people who fall in love.

… about someone who wants to destroy the world.

3. Reading. (Ознакомительное чтение.)
T: As you have known, cinema has many genres and of course every culture and every nation has its own style of making films.Read the brief of describtion two films and guess what genres they are .
Text 1. Ransom
Gibson plays millionaire airline whose perfect family life is hijacked when kidnappers snatch his son and demand $ 2 mln ransom. He agrees to pay, but when the drop goes wrong, Mullen appears on TV to offer the money as a bounty on their heads – dead or alive.
Despite the fact that his distraught wife ( Russo ), the FBI and the public morel majority improve him to reverse his decision, so Mullen stands firm, believing that only way to save his son”s life. As the stakes rise, on the other side of the fence, Mullen” s powerful frustration and agonistic desperation is mirrored by cop-turned kidnapper Jimmy Shaker ( Sinise ), who can only watch hopelessly as his perfect crime crumbles before his eyes.(1997)
Text 2. Overboard
A spoilt heiress ( Goldi Hawn ) loses her memory when she falls of her luxury yacht. When she wakes up in hospital, a carpenter ( Kurt Russel ) who she cheated claims her as his wife and takes her home to look after his unruly brood of children. (1987)
(Key: Ransom-thriller, Overboard-comedy)
T: Hollywood is a great films center and a powerful studio, which produces a lot of films a year. The best actors and produces of the whole world tend to work in Hollywood. The films produced there are as a rule popular in many countries of the world. So each year the best films, actors, directors are awarded the Oscars at the Award ceremony.What names come to your mind when you hear the world “Hollywood”?(Students name filmstars.)
4. Listening. (Аудирование текста .)
T: The next part of our lesson is listening and discussion. You will form two groups.Somebody will read some information about the Oscars. Others try to match the photos and give a name to the text.Then each subgroup will tell each other about it using pictures.You will have five minutes to do your work.
P1.(читает текст):
The Oscars are the awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Academy was started in 1927, and was the idea of a powerful studio chief called Louis B Mayer. The Academy’s aims were to “raise the cultural, educational and scientific standards” of movies. Among the first winners were Wings, perhaps the last great film from the silent era. Winners were awarded “The Statuette”. An Oscar is a thirty-four centimeter statuette of a knight on top of a real of film. It used to be called simply ‘The Statuette’, and was only called an Oscar after 1931. There are different theories about how it got its name. Some people believe that an Academy librarian once said it looked like her uncle Oscar. Others are convinced that the famous actress Bette Davis named if after her first husband Harmon Oscar Nelson Junior.The Oscar was awarded by for excellent and directing films such as:
“Wings” 1927, “Gone with the Wind” 1939, “The Godfather”-1972-1974, “Lord of the Ring”2003, “The Silence of the Lamb” 1991, “Westside Story”-1961, “Gladiator”-2000.
Actors: Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Steven Spielberg , Sharly Sharon, Shone Penn, Russell Kroy, Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman.
Every year, usually in February, celebrities are sure to come for the most important event in show biz: Oscar Night.(Los Angeles /Hollywood) On that day the prestigious Academy Awards, called “the Oscars”, are presented for the year’s best achievements in the film world.
T: You time is up. You have picked all pictures.Tell the story about the Statuette showing the pictures.(Устные неподготовленные высказывания ).
5.T: Well done, dear friends. Now you know many facts about OSCARS. So you are going to listen to Hollywood actress and your task is to call her name.
Text — She is a true Hollywood star. She is also one of the most famous Australian actresses of her time. She was born in Hawaii, her first stage performance was in her school`s Christmas show when she was six.She began appearing on Australian television during her teens and at the age of 17 she was voted the “Actress of the Year” by the Australian Film Institute. She was invited to Hollywood to make her first American film in 1989.Tom Cruise was her partner in the next film and during filming the couple fell deeply in love. It was a whirlwind courtship and they married on Christmas Eve in 1990. (Nicole Kidman)
6.T : You’ll have a chance to see the film which received 11 Oscars. ”. It was the record in the number of prizes for one film. Remember the plot of this film. Tell the story using the following plan:
Setting/Background: Where does it take place? When does it take place?
Plot/Story: What’s it about? What happens in the end? Просмотр фильма

(Практика устной неподготовленной речи.)
P1: The Titanic
The “Titanic” was the biggest ship in 1912. The captain and the engineers who had designed the Titanic were sure that it was absolutely safe and unsinkable.The ship was fantastic. it acrossed the Atlantic from Europe to America.First class passengers could have everything they wanted: lovely music delicious food, lots of entertainment, they felt relaxed and happy. Most of the third class passengers were immigrating to America.At midnight everybody on board heard a terrible sound. The Titanic hit an iceberg.The panic began. It was discovered that there were not enough lifeboats for all the passengers. The Titanic sank.The liner Carpathia rescued the people.MANY PEOPLE DIED.
(Развитие навыков диалогической речи.)
7.T: I am sure you would like to express your opinions about this film.
P1: From my point of view I’ve watched it sometimes already. All the girls in our form are absolutely mad about Titanic. The music impressed me greatly. It is very important for understanding the idea of a film, the conception of a producer, it touches our soul.
P2: That’s true the actors playing in this film are also talented- Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. The special
effects are in the service of the story. I really enjoyed it.
P3: Watching this film I could feel that I was together with the actors.I lived through the tragidy. There were no useless scenes at all. The music was suitable and wonderful. The film was a great success.
T: You have made a very important conclusion concerning cinema. You are right, cinema combines several art forms, producing the most life-like impression of reality. For example, music is very important for understanding the idea of a film, the conception of a producer, it touches our soul.
Test work (Writing)
8. T: At the end of our lesson you’ll get the copies of the film “Romeo and Juliet” where the events are mixed. The task is to put them in order. I know that you are interested in Shakespeare’s classic story.
Romeo and Juliet
a) Capulets. Paris was there and Romeo killed him.
b) Then Romeo kissed Juliet the lips and drank his poison. At this moment Juliet woke up and saw that the young When Romeo heard that Juliet was dead he bought some poison and went to the tomb of the tomb of the man was on the floor and killer herself.
c) Juliet did as the friar told her. Juliet’s parents thought that she was dead and put her into the family tomb.
d) He gave her medicine and told her to go home and be ready to marry Paris. But when she drinks that medicine she will sleep for forty-two hours.
e) Some days passed and Juliet’s father told her that she was to marry a young man whose name was Paris. Juliet didn’t know what to do. But the friar helped her.
f) Romeo asked Juliet to marry him. She agreed, but nobody knew about their plan, the next day Romeo and Juliet came to friar and he married them.
g) In the town of Verona there were two rich families, the Capulets and the Montagues. There was an old quarrel between those two families.
h) One day Capulet made a great supper. At that supper Romeo saw Juliet and fell in love with her at once. Juliet had the same feelinds.
Key: 1-g; 2-h; 3-f; 4-e; 5-d; 6-c; 7-a; 8-b
Объяснение домашнего задания.
Imagine that you have won Oscar. What speech would you like to say? Say what you would prefer doing if you wereHolywood star.
Summary of the lesson.( Заключительная часть.Подведение итогов.)
7.T:The lesson is over. I want to thank you for our work.You have worked hard. I can give you only good and excellent marks today.I’ll be happy to see you again.Our lesson is over. Goodbye!

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