K.P. Zhussip1, N.K. Zhussupov1, M.N. Baratova1 , A.Shapauov2
S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan1, S.Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University, Kokshetau, Kazakhstan2,


This article examines the poet and artist — M. Zhumabaev.

Keywords:. lyrical hero, poem, realism, poetry, M. Zhumabaev.

M. Zhumabaev’s lyric heros mainly who is to say that he will be charged as lump problem should first. Developed by lyrical heroes fight the scourge of life in the form of barrier grasp the products of the conventional image of the poet. This collection, grasp the conditions of Troubles to be eye sight. For example, in 1918, the «Ot» poem startup lyrical heroes of their «born from sun» is expected to draw attention to the possibility that the bright light of the child. Thereafter, the lights of the fire it to be comparable to open the powerfulness of the lyrical heroes from the subject. Of course, the conditionality of exoggeration, it may be non-specific, which may come. Lyrical heroes flame absorption, it can not be quickly full. But at the same time leaving hot liquid in the kitchen iskendey absorption lyrical heroes strength is obvious. Author fantastic lyrical yet powerful heroes fighting means winnig mentality, but at the same time as the terrible barriers are even greater courage laid.

I met speech yesterday, And was eastern wind : Darkness suddenly happened, Was I shamed so much.
Violent spread everwhere, Day past so quickly, Sun set on west.
Dark came to us,
Like a child…

As we see, violence, ignorance etc. taken as a sign of «Darkness» vulnerable, but there are literally mean: «bags». And the «evil» has become: will be populated. Lyrical heroes goes to the «dark stone», «flame lick» intention anounced. The end of a poem: «I believe only myself. // Only the Lord on earth, fire, // Fire Lord, «said a fire that ends with him. All this, are inspired by the great heroes deserve high Fireworks property [1].
His «melody of the morning and sun rising» Let us look at the following:

Golden sun sinking,
Boiling all the coast.
Look rosefinch source,
Look rosefinch source, And snow in your hands.
What become red
White linen expression of paralysis.

Where every detail is present, even the nature of each picture to show the lyrical heroes. Even the sun gold itself, «coast of sky» shows that is different. Also, even if the roads with case, which is one of the common man, the other a lyric video «Kuralai kozdi » of her normal activities. We just see her day-to-day sewing.
If this condition, show more realism almost unknown place. However, after the table of life, we often normal pattern, decorative patterns (flowers, etc.) illustrated, brand new, stand-alone proverb: «If a man die for the country», — lyrical image in the back than in a normal case, or Special testify to that. The word of the lyric writing table image so unexpected and significant actions spoke the language which is a mirror in trying lyrical heroes, the nature of consciousness and a high attention. Lyric Hero «and» lyric character material, color is not white, and finally the surface of a different color, red color, with red and (such as blood red). Poem’s third, fourth stanza we can see:
Golden sun sinking, Golden sun slowly dies. Poor with clouds poor, Date tears of blood.
Died days. Blue days Under the guise of land …

In the first line «golden sunset», is about the nature and a beauty of natue, «Poor husband» clouds had «Tears of blood» and covered the sun, sky become grey, the earth clothed into black all of these contract pictures. So all of this not the same copy of nature it is the lyrical heroes conviction which is soaked in paint. These details are the images of the nature of the lyrical heroes conquer and his embroidery. A song is not single in the contract. It is lyrical heroes are accompanied by lyrical language and lyrical images:

As water beautiful architecture, Take a look at one.
Water played fry
Listed in the eyelids
Eyelashes? Black silk? Take a look at one dear, Is filled with heart!

If look carefully one sight of Sauletai (beautiful girl) make people happy. So it is characterized that it is close to realism. As well as the lyrical describtion of «playing in the water, like small fish» also related with life that normal people can act. Also it is usual that people interested girls fingers, it is ordinary things. But suspicion of skills, even if the condition of the stanzas is wrapped in distress: «The heart is filled with poison». After the author peripeteias reflect it is not growing. Because lyrical heroes suspicion of the most important for the girl. After defined, is one of the main stairs at the start of the opening of the main cezimdi. After more lyrical heroes and works as a natural phenomenon and thing the girl’s beauty be a clear indication of the normal human eyes — Clarifying plaited and complement each other:

Lost land of light,
Under the guise of darkness soul. Bota determined to turn the eyes Summoned to close.
Was covered with darkness. Do you grief night?
Lisp lisp or what — The wind?
Are you a demon?
Eyelids look
Come close to your soul…
Therefore in poem the word «darkness» referred to as being a manifestation of a certain nature scope, lyrical heroes worried and hsd difficulties in life, to open treatment. The attention to the mood, «full in grief» if there is a combination of words, «Tik-tuk» even out the volatility, «or a demon?» Mysterious feeling at the moment, lyrical heroes will be anxiety. This growth anxiety «Attractive eyes, slim waist » — a desire to be included in the so moving. A reign of lyrical heroes conda complexity: the girl in the fairy, not only as:

Dark night dies
Brighter than those of dawn? On the surface Blood in heart?

Here the night jackals, aggressiveness; fascinated by the freedom; Do not take the contract as a symbol of the blood sacrifice they to exercise self-control. To end several poems of the poet thought in the end to bring the host out of the packaging industry:

Look rosefinch source, Let go in sunrise.
White linen white flag, Embroidered blood.
Goodbye, now, look,
Now on the surface of the linen «Iman!» written.
Golden sun comes out, Blue gold coast,
Look rosefinch source,

These statements are based on a tradition to go to the first dawn in full of hopes as white flag, blood control leads to stimulating offering. » Be believer IMANDI BOLSIN» Farewell, conscious to die. Also at the beginning of the poem, with gold sinking to fall to work the same day and at the end of the indications given by the engraved images shall be nailed to a cross giving repeated. The date of the coming out of the «golden» days, decorated with precious a symbol of freedom to be added by the same lyrical heroes are stretched out Thirst liberation treatment. In this sense even «Sky’s coast» Gilded, lyrical heroes «Kuralai eyes». Also, a product of lyrical heroes treatment and realistic, and its orientation, all point to promote it not be far from the truth of its own, one would say. Magzhan Zhumabaev’s romantizm least, a special characteristic lyrical heroes recognized for it should be borne in mind first of all that to be a great poet of the situation. Thus acting lyrical heroes are usually prevalent completely different, are very exclusive [2]. Of the «wound» of land, which can be found in the lyrical image nobody mekendemegen, Wide field shall be included without the presence:

Cap-field being stretched,
Kebindey as close surface.
Mountain, forest, rivers,
Through the day is not blood spilling.
Wounded blonde is one way …
The only one curve the end of the road.

If we predict, wounded man’s failure is sign of great suffering. Magzhan’s romantism least in this regard, particularly in the event of exceptional people describing the same differences, by the nature of the individual altitude will growing. So, based on certain images that were cultured in a completely different environment surprise normal justify. So this poem’s color, compared with the ugly words meaning on one face of color in accordance with the development, and as a result brought against certain field. However the first verse of «stretched», its surface is brightness close. At the same time as the type of beauty yellow, white collar this time from a rather unacceptable see soaked shade. Indeed, of «yellow» and «white» with a certain spectacular engraving, monotonous images clear. Because like a dead according to the kebinge will have a negative impact on whiteness. Do not further the word of the death of the race before the wounded: «The impact of poor heart!»
Here are a few, where the «white» word grinding through the same assistance to improve lyrical image death treatment. Because finally an invisible person is not blurred, sculpture ceremony, we do not want to spoil it. So the front lines of the «kebindey celewler» totally thin girl, attracted by the cold «as the» Word of the future decorated as proof. The same lyric images provided by reflection, such as:

Esill is country of mine Carıarqa celebrations land!
Silver clean water,
Long wide Lake! –
The tract «silver» word not limited to the discovery of the beauty of water colors. So that the word Still tray of water to wake up the possibility of interrupting the lyrical image sympathy to treatment, so that will have to develop more wounded death. Agreed to draw up this consciousness going on in the colonized:

Surprised black hair and a half months, Come, my dear!
has heard
Open from afar Zara! –

The words «black» divide attention to the words, and even has a measurements have not driven, but should see that it causes. For example, it is often «as the» least, «black» than opposed as we are exposed to the concept of «black» is thus apparent that the word as a sign of old. It is decorated with black hair with the help of specific antibodies, which may be agreed to draw up Perizat loss lyric images sufferings.
As a result of a certain word in a certain image to expand the «blood» in the scope of use of the word can be similar. For example, poem the date of the first set above not shed blood. Usually only calculate radiation falls the day, the traditional high blood acts personally expressed fear. Initially, even the blood spray rather than a license agreement if further lyrical image, wounded in the display heavy finality («the soul of the poor fly compression, // fast heart is hot blood») served as a hot real landscape known that the blood. «Shapshu» words left a large amount of blood then wounded a blind eye to point closer to the moment is obvious. Do not look further stressed, blood flow ceased in the word of the wounded: «Power is at least // This was a lot of blood.» These roads «blood» of the word «leak» came after the word, it takes place and the weight of the apparently influence the severity of the punishment. This burdensome heart («heart wound Barad eat») will personafied. Abstract concept until the wound drinking, heart shall disclose the level of the accident.
Sirit of mine suffers from, Please stop hot blood!
…pressure come down,
Choked on my blood! 
A little blood in the water, choking impossibility. There is a large amount of choking delivery. This is clearly expressed in the lyric images shows the real sense of grandeur: «the horse of the beneficial // would be a dream!» This is the scene of regular horse to become worthy of a Kazakh citizen, and therefore national ornament is the distribution of the images agreed to draw attention to the lyrical accompanies the heroes in trying the spirit of shown.
However poem derived from certain acts of the hero ic-specific expression can not say. Because heros in poem, images and lyrical dirge, all agreement. His latest poem to ensure:

Wounded blonde who properly?
Who swallowed the blood flow of blood? Steppe zone of the tragedy, Could not tolerate people cry?
It Kazakh charge of the Kazakh,
Kazakh suffering bloody suffering, Will survive the bloody finally rescued, Read awaited Kazakh citizen. Citizens! He Kazakh want blood, Paradise want to drag my water. If you do not have to be Ibilis Want to stop strangled cry!

So the wounded man as a description of the Kazakh people of the same method to draw attention to the state of growth. Therefore, readers see the wounded Work- sharing, heard every day, all prepared to think about the fate of the Kazakh people. Here are a few, to the lyrical image of a treaty, with a special link to show the suffering of the poet of daily life, daily longer, deletion, it is collected and brought to visit more often reflect one dalelimiz. This realism holds to be the flag-like fixation romantizm truth, and shall be open only to go a different way.
Enlarge Magzhan’s romantizm least is based on criteria specific to poetry, the poet would like to repeat that it is so typical of the style. 1914, «The Earth is actually pressing the flood» this argument.

If you actually flood the earth!
If the lofty mountain! A formidable wave rabies, Must throw toxic foam!
Bass flood land that actually!
The source was shut foam Day!
Live is not dead,
If only one myself!
My own choked
The owner responded to asthma,
Dark land sky
Days and will be there!
Which would put them in the game!
Flame treatment of all wages!
Endless infinite world
The only treatment like myself! Big fire only
Earth person.
A new treatment for the wounded man!

Correcting from unilaterally limited to a literal interpretation of the poetry, the poet of the actual flood came, only one is not born wanting to stay overnight. «Zawlap otımnan // ulcer treatment» lyrical heroes intention to look at the begining to understand it is a poem written for the opening of a thirst for novelty. Lyrical heroes: you are actually flood the earth, agreed to draw up the lofty mountain (mountain) wishes implementation. Siting a formidable wave of toxic foam rabies will increase. It is a source of toxic and even scattered waves foamed proof cover. In this, the Miracles from subject to the lyrical heroes go down after the goal, the sun, the changes reflect the requirement to make the ridge. However magnificent landscape: the actual date of the catastrophic flooding of the land at the game, etc. helping to increase the conditional access the idea of a poem justified.

1. Петросов К. Г. О спорных проблемах романтизма в русской литературе конца ХIХ-начала ХХ века («Русский романтизм» кiтабы iшiнде). – Л. : Наука, 1978. – С. 248-249.
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