Choose the right preposition:I рrefermineral water…….juice: to

Choose the right preposition:I рrefermineral water…….juice: to

Choose the right preposition: to insist ……: on

Choose the right preposition: to insist……: on

Choose the right variant of prepositions:She lives …..London. She owns a house……the Thames river: in/on

Choose the right variant:I…here…6 months: have worked.. .for, have been working…. For

Choose the words wheie the marked letter is read differently: Gymnasium, Geography

Choose the words with the sound [A]: Uncle, Number, Russia

Choose the words with the sound [Ө]: thick, three, thank

Choose the words with the sound [э]: Bill, Colin, Tim

Complete the sentence …go to the party every week: I, you, they

Complete the sentence with a suitable verb :Excuse me for… so much trouble: giving

Complete the sentence with an appropriate verb form:At that moment Jack’s wife came in and said that she … the police: had called

Complete the sentenceYour exam results were very…: good

Completethe sentence. It is worth … that film: seeing

Complete the sentence. Mary said she……that book: would buy, had bought, had read, was reading, would read

Complete the sentence:I watched her……tennis: playing

Complete the sentence:The house looked … nobody was living in it: As if

Complete the sentence:What have we got for……?:dinner, bnear fast

Complete the sentence:What time.. ..on TV?: is the news

Conect ordinal number “the 30th”: the thirtieth

Correct answer Gerund Indefinite Passive: being cleaned, being looked, being read, being told

Correct answer:I… four cups of coffee today: have drunk

Correct answer:Students … their tests and now they ….: have written / are handing

Correct answer:We … to wait because the man ….: were told / was being questioned

Correct the Tense form Listen! They … at each other again: are shouting

Define the parts of speech: discovery: noun

Fill in a suitable preposition:The soap opera had a great influence… sister: On

Fill in a suitable preposition:Their house will have been finished…thetime you come: By

Find the adjectives:Smart, Busy

Find the correct sentence: He used to play tennis well

Find the general word for this group: School

Find the Past Continuous Tense: was reading, were making

Find uncountable nouns:chaos, money, behavior

Gerund is used in …: Will you stop……(to make) so much noise, She stopped……(to eat) fast food, it is not healthy, І think you should stop…….(to smoke) a lot, They decided to stop……(to work) for this company

Indefinite pronouns: somebody, everyone, everybody, someone

Indirect speech: Herepeated that he wouldn’t do that again, They told that it seemed strange, He said that he had been hiding

Indirect speech: Tom said that he had been there, He said he could do it then, He said it had been a long night, My sister told me that she was flying

Infinitive: Anold man walking along the road stopped to talk to us, An old woman walking along the road stopped to talk to us, The boy walking along the road stopped to talk to us

Infinitive: The new law ordered factories to stop using children, The old law ordered factories to stop using children, The new law orders factories to stop using children

Last month………(2,725) people visited the exhibition: two thousand seven hundred and twenty-five

My mother … going to clean the floor. I want to help her: is

Ordinal numbers:twelfth, third

Paraphrase this sentence:In Britain men retire at the age of 65: The retirement age is sixty — five for men in Britain

Participle I: They ran out of the school shouting, The boys ran out of the school shouting, The children ran out of the school shouting

Pronouns and determiners used before countable nouns:many, a large number of, several, a few, few, every

Pronouns and determiners used before uncountable nouns:some, little, a great deal of, a large amount of, a little, much

Put in Present participle of these verbs: add, arrive, own, play, take, tell, watch, wear: A latecomer is a person……..late, A competitive is someone………. part in a competition, A spectator is someone……….a game or an event, An instruction is a statement……… what to do

Read the fraction «5/6»:five sixths, five over six

Reflexive pronouns: itself, yourself, myself, themselves

Replace the Direct Speech into Reported Speech: ‘’Where did you find the book?”Ben asked: Ben asked where I had found the book

Reported speech“We are having a party tomorrow”, he said: He said they were having a party the next day, He said that they were having a party the next day

Sentence with reflexive pronouns: I work for myself, We did it ourselves, We got there by ourselves

Sentences with Passive Participle:After being questioned, Andrew left, The bridge having been swept by the flood away, the train didn’t arrive, On being heard the news she drove straight home, Having been sent to the wrong address, the letter didn’t reach him

The appropriate answersMy watch is … minutes slow: fifteen, twenty

The correct answer:“The Alfa River is 100 km long. The Beta River is 200 km long.” means. The Beta River is … the Alfa River: longer than

The correct Indirect Speech sentence is:The teacher asked, “Are you ready for the lesson?”:The teachers asked the students if they were ready for the lesson, The teacher asked if they were ready for the lesson

The correct prepositionTom is very proud … his father: of

The correct prepositionsI don’t want to argue … you… that matter at this time: with / about

The correct prepositionsSometimes I have problems … work, but… the whole I enjoy my job: at/on

The correct prepositionsThere was a long queue of people … the bus stop: near, at

The correct pronoun in the sentence is:I like speed. My car is much faster than….: yours, his

The correct pronoun in the sentence is:The film…..we saw last week was very exciting: which, that

The correct sentences are:My friend Sarah said that she hid never been to Kazakhstan, Sarah said that she had never been to Kazakhstan

The correct use of prepositions: In Britain they drive on the left, He was angry with me

The Gerund from in the given sentences:My brother is keen on getting fit, He was fond of reading books about travels

The Participle II: The offered project was quite perfect,They should translate the italicized paragraph

The Participle І: He tells us about a new building now being built in Astana, Opening the window Sheila injured her hand

The second halves of the sentence are:I wondered …: whether the train came on time, if the plane came on time, if the train would come on time, if she knew him, if his daughter had passed her exams, if the train had come on time

The sentence with Participle I is: Going home I met my friend, Standing on the bridge he watched the boats

The sentence with wrongpreposition: They got married on last March

The Sequence of tenses:»Dont close the window”, Marat said to Alan: He asked him not to close the window, Marat asked Alan not to close the window

The words are in the 4th syllable:cure, tire

The words with [еэ]: bake, native, explain, age

The words with the silent letter: Buckingham, honour, hour

The words with the silent letter: psychology, receipt, psalm

Underlined word is:Here is some advice for those preparing to go on holiday: a pronoun

Verbs used with Infinitive: encourage, mean, beg, force, expect, remind

Verbs used with Infinitive: threaten, manage, plan, fail, refuse, arrange

We can use either a to-infinitive or an -ing form after these verbs: continue,begin, bother, purpose, intent

We……..notable to do the difficult exercises: are



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