People listen to music for different reasons and at different times. Why is music important to many people? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

We can hear music everywhere: in the streets and at home, over the radio and on TV, in the shops and in the parks. People all over the world are fond of music. They listen to music, they dance to music, they learn to play musical instruments. Specialists explain that music isn’t only a combination of pleasant sounds. It is an art which reflects life. There are a lot of different kinds of music. Some of them appeared long ago, and some are modern. For example, folk music appeared long ago, but it is still alive. There are many local performers and folk groups; but perhaps the most famous singer is Roza Rymbayeva. Folk songs are very tuneful and pleasant to listen to. Classical music is often associated with the music of the past. However, this style also includes music being written now, and we may speak of modern classical music. Rap is a modern musical style where the singer speaks or shouts the words in time to music with a steady beat. Tastes differ. So people’s musical interests range from pop and rock music, which are extremely popular nowadays, especially among young people, to classical music and opera. My favourite style of music is pop music, because it is breathtaking and full of energy. When I listen to pop music it makes me remember happy times and forget the problems of everyday life. It helps me to relax when I’m tired, and entertains me when I’d like to have fun. When I have free time I listen to their records. I also like having background music while I am working. I don’t mind listening to dance music, especially when I go to disco clubs. This style of music is catchy and I like catchy tunes. It makes me more energetic. It’s a pity that many young people like to listen only to modern music. As for me, I also enjoy listening to classical music. I find it tuneful and appealing. Classical music is always a complex of emotions. It gives me delight, pleasure and a sense of happiness. Some pieces of classical music are really wonderful. Music is one of the most beloved human experiences. Everyone enjoys some sort of music and that is evident in almost every important event from weddings and funerals to graduation ceremonies and presidential inaugurations. Several famous athletes have been known to listen to music as part of their pre-game, match ritual. And let’s not forget those unforgettable soundtracks to our favorite films. Yes, music is everywhere. There are many different styles of music. Some of the more familiar are classical, jazz, blues, rock & roll, rhythm and blues, rap, hip hop, country, bluegrass, folk, house, new age, world, and metal but the overall list goes on and on. Then you have different modifications of several genres, which makes this list almost never-ending. Also, watch what you say about someone’s favorite band because people are as passionate about their music as they are in politics or religion. Another way of saying this is, there are three topics to avoid in everyday discussion: politics, religion, and music.




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