Созылыңқы өткен шақ — The Past Continuous Tense


The Past Continuous Tense to be көмекші етістігі өткен шақта және Participle I негізгі етістіктен жасалады:

was/were + V+ing





I was working

You were working

He was working

She was working

It was working

We were working

You were working

They were working

Was I working?

Were you working?

Was he working?

Was she working?

Was it working?

Were we working?

Were you working?

Were they working?

I was not working

You were not working

He was not working

She was not working

It was not working

We were not working

You were not working

They were not working


  1. Созылыңқы өткен шақ өткен шақта сөйлеп тұрған кезде болып жатқан іс-әрекет. I was reading a book when the telephone rang.
  2. Өткен шақтағы белгілі бір уақыттағы болып жатқан іс-әрекет. He was living abroad in 1982.
  3. Бір уақытта болып жатқан екі созылыңқы іс-әрекет. While he was cooking dinner, Ann was laying the table.

Сұраулы сөйлем: Сұраулы сөйлемжасау үшін  to be  етістігі бастауыштың алдына шығады. Was he living abroad in 1982?

Болымсыз сөйлем: to be  етістігінен кейін not көмекші сөзі қосылады. He was not living abroad in 1982.


Бекіту жаттығулары


Жаттығу №1

Бос орындарды Past Continuous-та тұрған етсітіктермен толықтырыңыз.

  1. I ____ (to read) an interesting book at 12 o’clock yesterday.
  2. My friends _____ (to play) football from 3 till 4 o’clock yesterday.
  3. My mother ______ (to cook) supper at 6 o’clock yesterday.
  4. When I came home my brother _____ (to watch) TV.
  5. At this time yesterday my grandparents ________ (to listen) to music at the Chaikovsky Hall.
  6. Yesterday at 7 o’clock I and my friends ______ (to talk) on art.
  7. Then from 8 till 9 o’clock we ______ (to look) through magazines.


Жаттығу №2

Мәтінді оқып, шақтардың қолданылуына талдау жасаңыздар. Мәтіннің соңындағы сұрақтарға жауап беріңіздер.


An Embarrassing Incident

One day last summer I was walking through the local park. It was a hot day and I was eating an ice cream. As I was walking past the boating lake, I saw my friends, Carol and Jim. They were taking their dog for a walk. When we met, we stopped for a chat. While we were talking, the dog suddenly jumped up and tried to get my ice cream. I pulled my hand away and unfortunately the ice-cream came out of the cone. Now there was a bald man behind me. The poor man wasn’t doing any harm. He was just sit¬ting on a bench and reading a newspaper. Well, when I pulled my hand away, the ice cream flew through the air and it landed on the man’s head. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. When I looked at my friends, they weren’t just laughing, they were in hysterics. But I was terribly embarrassed.

  1. Where was the man walking one day ?
  2. What was he eating?
  3. Who was taking a dog for a walk?
  4. Was a bald man sitting on a bench or walking along the road?
  5. The poor man wasn’t doing any harm, was he?
  6. I wonder why Carol and Jim were laughing?



Жаттығу №3

Жақшаны ашып, етістіктерді Past Continuous Tense формасына қойыңыз

  1. This morning was really beautiful. The sun (shine), the birds (sing) and everyone in the street (smile) and (say) hello to each other.
  2. Mrs Patrik looked beautiful last night. She (wear) a lovely evening dress.
  3. When we arrived, she (make) some coffee.
  4. While I (have) a bath the telephone rang.
  5. While we (walk) in the park it began to rain.
  6. At 3 o’clock yesterday a geometry lesson (go) on. The teacher (draw) diagrams on the blackboard but I (look) through the window and heard nothing.
  7. The dentist’s waiting room was full of people. Some (read) magazines, others just (turn) over the pages. A woman (knit), a child (play) with a toy car.
  8. I lit the fire at 6.00 and it (burn) brightly when Jane came in.
  9. — The house next to yours was full of policemen and police dogs yesterday. — What they (do)? — I heard that they (look) for drugs.
  • «What you (do) between 9.00 and 10.00 yesterday?» asked the detective. «I (clean) my house», said Mrs Jones. «I always clean my house at this time»

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