— This teaching complex was developed for preschool English teachers in accordance
with the Standard Educational Curriculum for preschool education approved by the
Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 12, 2016.
— to form basic skills of listening and speaking in English through games and
— prepare sound foundation for successful transition to further study of English in
primary school;
— create a comfortable environment for the communicative and psychological
adaptation of young learners to acquiring English;
— develop the memory, attention, thinking, and imagination of preschool learners;
— expand children’s vocabulary and view through learning new English words.
The content of the complex covers the programme content and reflects three learning
strands defined for young learners: Listening, Speaking and Use of English.
The material presented in the ABC Book and the Activity Book covers the following
— All about me
— My school
— My family
— The world around me
— Where do the roads go?
— Why you need to know customs and traditions?
— Healthy and tasty
— How to be healthy
Modern approaches and strategies of teaching English as a second language aim at
developing the skills of the students based upon the requirements prescribed by the
Listening skills
-begin to recognize simple short instructions for basic classroom routines spoken
slowly and distinctly;
— begin to recognize with considerable support a few basic personal questions spoken
slowly and distinctly;
`- begin to recognize basic intonation distinguishing questions from statements;
— begin to recognize the sounds of phonemes and phoneme blends.
Speaking skills
— begin to make basic personal statements and simple statements about object;

— begin to use intonation to signal questions in basic exchanges;
— pronounce basic words and expressions with some mistakes;
— respond to very basic supported personal questions using short answers;
— begin to produce words in response to prompts;
— exchange simple greetings and say “please, sorry and thank you”.
— rесоgnizе some very high-frequency words from local environment.
Use of English
— use cardinal numbers 1 – 10 to count;
— begin to use a few colours;
— use common singular and рlurаl nouns to say what and whеrе things are;
— use basic adjectives and colours to say what someone /something is оr has;
— use determiners “а, аn, this, these” to indicate what something is;
— use interrogative pronouns“what, where, how” to ask basic questions;
— use demonstrative pronouns “this, these” to indicate things;
— use personal subject pronouns to identify things;
— use imperative forms of соmmоn verbs related to classroom routines;
— use basic present simple forms (positive, negative) to give basic personal
The present complex “English for preschoolers” consists of the following components:
— The ABC Book
— The Activity Book
— The Teacher’s Book
— The Audio CD
— The Set of flashcards
The ABC Book
The ABC book is developed in accordance with the requirements of the methodology
of teaching English to small learners.
The authors of the book took into consideration the peculiarities of children of this age
group, their physiological and psychological features, so the structure of the book contains
such tasks that suggest reasonable change of activities by involving them into listening,
singing, dancing, speaking, jumping, etc.
The ABC book consists of eight thematic units. It contains skill-based tasks for
listening and speaking. At the end of the book there is a pictured alphabet to assist children
to memorize the alphabet.
The Activity Book
The Activity Book provides additional tasks to memorize the material presented in the
ABC Book. The tasks suggest drawing, colouring the pictures, pasting stickers, tracing and
other activities that are very interesting for the young learners.

The Audio CD
It includes all listening materials introduced in the ABC Book and Activity Book. The
audio texts are supported with listening, pronunciation and phonics activities, as well as
songs and read-along stories. The listening material is also recommended to be practised at
The Teacher’s book
The Teacher’s book provides methodical guidance and support for using this complex
in the classroom. It introduces long-term and short-term planning. You can find answers for
the tasks, the instructions for the suggested project work and the scripts for audio texts.
The Set of flashcards
The aim of this Set is to present, practise and recycle the new vocabulary. The Set of
flashcards provides the material for the number of activities with the young learners during
lessons. There are 2 dices (the activity with them are described in the lessons contents),
flashcards with the characters of this book (to be used during the roleplaying of different
exercises; there are perforated holes for a string to be put around the neck), flashcards on
various theme vocabulary in the Set. Some games with flashcards are described in Games
Bank at the end of this Teacher`s book or in the lessons` content. Sometimes get the
students to make their own sets of mini flash cards that can be taken home for them to play,
with parents and siblings. This Set can be used for the following activities: memory games,
drilling, identification games, TPR activities (Total physical response).


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